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You're TWICE As Creative As You Think

How long do you want to remain in that weird " I don't know where to start" phase or worse, plataeued - turning the wheels in your brain trying to get "it" to work

Cut through the BS and get right to the heart of what the everyday person keeps Missing— in super-condensed form you can’t forget

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    "... we tapped into so much overlooked potential, Katriel's background in Psych and Military came in so handy with maneuvering my own mental blocks.My biggest takeaway was the Create Don't Compete method, realizing how to improve my industry, career and day-to-day! Do the work, and watch the magic happen"

    Kathryn Aboya

    Founder, Soul Heroine


    The goal of YOU INC: Thrival Kit

    • Simplify things, take in loads of information and putting It to use rapidly
    • Position YOU and your BIG idea in as little as one weekend
    • Cut through the fluff of expensive programs and courses that deliver way less than they charge (if i die mysteriously, just know it wasn't an accident, and it was more than likely an IG "Guroo")
    • Start experimenting like a Growth Hacker
    • Eliminate over 10 years of trial and error (everything you'll receive has been battle tested, Growth Hacker approved)

    What Happens Next:

    • When: On Demand: Classes are available via private link
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    • How: Over the shoulder how to, with bonus guides and resources